Our Services


The Pre-Construction efforts begin at the conceptual phase of design and continue through permitting. Defining the project, identifying scope and potential issues are critical to capturing accurate pricing. Our initial plan will include engaging the client, architect & consultants to discuss the design intent allowing our team to better understand the project before any budget is developed and before any work is put in place.  Additional services that can be beneficial to our efforts are understanding existing site conditions, capturing materials and procurement lead times. Providing an accurate schedule, budget and logistics plan is critical as this is where the project begins. Reviewing the lease agreement will help us understand what the Landlord’s responsibilities are and where the client’s cost begin.  It is our goal to lead this process as the Morris team of construction professionals has years of experience in constructing commercial buildings so, we truly know the required details for a project delivery as it is being designed. These valuable services can be shaped into a delivery system that fits your contracting needs.

Design Assist

Innovation in construction delivery methodology is clearly moving toward a collaborative teamwork approach. Design-assist is one such approach that requires taking only a small step away from a traditional delivery method and avoids the leap required by integrated project delivery. The advantages are reduced time and cost for construction and improved constructability bringing added value to the client.

This method allows Morris to collaborate with our clients, architects, and consultants during the design phase in order to efficiently capture design, budget, schedule, and scope. The Morris team can then deliver this to our subcontractors with clear direction allowing for subcontractor feedback and accurate pricing. This process also allows Morris to capture design details that will ensure a buildable set of drawings providing our clients with certainty of outcome.

Design Build

If preferred Morris can be contracted to deliver both design and construction services under one umbrella. The advantages for this delivery are efficiency, reduced risk management for the client, a singular source of responsibility and better quality. Morris can manage this process and has relationships within the architectural and engineering community to deliver a seamless approach for our clients.

Budgeting & Estimating

Led by our Chief Estimator the budget is built using the cost estimates and the project schedule. The budget provides a view of how much the project is estimated to cost both from a total and periodic perspective. This process includes estimating the working drawings, making assumptions based on design intent not yet developed & providing cost details so the client can make business decisions based on design versus value.

The estimate is cost based on the working package and schedule that has been defined from the budgeting phase. This process is issued to multiple contractors in each trade and is scoped to every detail to assure all cost have been accurately reviewed and leveled to provide market value pricing.

Working with Owner and Architect

At Morris, our sole objective is to communicate, emphasizing teamwork, innovative thinking and equal participation with our owners and architects. Understanding collaboration while building trust and developing a partnership is what we strive to accomplish from conceptual design to completion.  Defining and fostering individual and collective roles is how Morris facilitates a successful relationship.


Through the permitting process, a jurisdiction ensures that construction adheres to health, safety and building code standards. This process is typically more straightforward with little room to deviate from the set of standards imposed by the jurisdiction.

Morris can assist utilizing our relationships with permit expediters and city planners, as necessary. Project kick off meetings with all stakeholders present is the key for success. Understanding the different municipalities, their processes, lead time reviews and deposit requirements is critical to maintaining an efficient process.

Construction Services

To be a productive partner to our clients, our construction services start with the estimating team developing a clear means of execution to ensure project success for our operations team. Morris maintains a skilled staff using proven management systems and procedures to monitor cost controls, communication and scheduling providing owner satisfaction. Subcontractor management is a critical part of this process and is done every day with on-site coordination, quality review and safety meetings.

Building Information Technology

With today’s BIM design and quantification technologies, Morris utilizes BIM software during pre-construction and estimating services. This allows our estimating team to discover potential conflicts, generating resolution amongst our trades enabling us to produce accurate cost, and quantities with minimal design drawings. The project team will then be able to collaborate utilizing real time information.

Once the estimating template is set-up inside the software our BIM expert will input, and various hypothetical scenarios can be simulated, producing quick pricing options for the team to make informed decisions. The end goal is to enhance performance and to produce a better outcome for our owners and partners.

Constructability Review

Many companies can build your project once it is designed properly and permitted. Not many firms have the skills and confidence to take your project from programming, develop a detailed budget, work with the design team of architects and engineers to create constructability details, value options and hold the project within its cost parameters. At the Morris Company we can! Our team of construction professionals have years of experience in constructing commercial buildings so, we truly know the required details for a project before they are drawn. These valuable services can be shaped into a delivery system that fits your contracting structure.

Maintaining GMP

Projects many times get bogged down in the entitlement and permitting phase. There are many variables to deal with and we can assist the design team with coordination between jurisdictions, city, county, state, federal, etc. We start this process by meeting with the architect and identifying all conditions for approval, resulting in an intricate detailed entitlements schedule.

Scheduling Control

Schedule control is the project management activity in which progress on project activities is compared against schedule baseline to understand whether a project is on schedule or behind.  Morris utilizes both P-6 and Microsoft software on our jobs. Schedules are generated during pre-construction and are updated all through the design and construction process. The schedule will include all owner items, permitting durations, submittal and fabrication leads times along with all construction activities. Inspections, turnover and close out responsibilities are included for owner coordination.

Subcontractor Pre-Qualification Process

In establishing a quality team of subcontractors to build your project, Morris goes through an extensive process to ensure all subcontractors invited to bid have the capacity, safety record, financial strength and commitment to quality necessary to meet the requirements of the project.  To verify these key performance indicators, Morris has developed a “Subcontractor Pre-qualification Form,” to collect pertinent information from the subcontractors. With this information in hand our Project Engineers and Project Coordinators verify:

  • Subcontractor’s license is active and in good standing.
  • Verify Safety record and EMR.
  • Financial Condition
  • Bonding Capacity
  • Supplier credit and payment history
  • Check quality on past projects.
  • Contact references.

A strong team of subcontractors and suppliers results in a quality project built on time.

Quality Assurance / Quality Control

Morris Construction’s commitment to excellence extends to the quality you will find on our projects.  Our QA/QC program includes an approach that manages many facets of the project including subcontractor qualification, material selection, proper installation, and progressive inspections.  Morris Construction sets the goal of quality excellence for each project.