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Efficiency through continual improvement

Why work with us?

Our Company

The Morris Company is comprised of a group of construction professionals committed to making your project a success. Our commitment starts at the initial programming phase and carries out through property due diligence, entitlements, design, permitting, construction and post construction follow through.

We customize our approach to your delivery model instead of making you conform to our systems. Whether you prefer a turnkey design-build delivery model or design assist we will deliver. We are dedicated to being our clients advocate from start to finish.


At the Morris Company we have a family feel, it is truly a work family environment. We are accountable to each other, we respect one another, we are persistent and consistent in our approach, we build trust in each other, have fun together, hold each other to our commitments. We strive for efficiency through continual improvement, we value service one for all and all for one which constantly demands flexibility.

At the Morris Company we salute initiative, push opportunity and constantly drive towards innovation and building a quality product.

We are a relationship driven company starting with the Morris Team and carrying throughout design and trade team members and of course our clients. What’s our definition of integrity “say what you’ll do, and do what you say”.

This culture is ingrained in our company and it is apparent in everything we do with you.

Building Better Together it’s always better together.