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Consistent Quality Results

Innovative Design from Start to Finish


Many companies can build your project once it is designed properly and permitted. Not many firms have the skills and confidence to take your project from conceptual programming, develop a detailed budget, work with the design team of architects and engineers to create your vision and hold the project within its original costs parameters. At the Morris Company we can. Our team of construction professionals have years of experience in constructing commercial buildings so, we truly know the required details for a project before they are drawn. These valuable services can be shaped into a delivery system that fits your contracting structure.

Design Assist

With this delivery system Morris is teamed with your architects and engineers so that construction efficiencies as well as constructible details are designed into the project from the onset. The architect/engineer team is still contracted and paid by the owner but Morris is working as a critical part of the delivery team.

Entitlements And Permitting

Projects get bogged down in the entitlement and permitting phase. There are a lot of variables in this phase to deal with and we find it most helpful to start this process with a predevelopment/pre application meeting with the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) city, county, state, federal, etc. At these project kick off meetings it is important to have all stakeholders present so that any conditions for approval are discussed and tackled. Coming out of this kick off meeting an intricate detailed design and entitlements schedule is developed and tracked through the process.

Construction Services

Through proper planning and execution of the preconstruction phases of the project when it’s time to break ground we move efficiently through building the project. From tightly coordinated scheduling with our subcontractors, continuous quality monitoring, assurance of critical material deliveries and final inspections we deliver your space on time and to your expectations.

Design Build

If preferred Morris can be contracted to deliver both design and construction services under one umbrella. In this arrangement increases in time efficiencies are experienced as a direct result of this turnkey approach. Efficiencies in communication between team members lead to a high quality project.


Safety is always at the front of our daily planning, reviewing with trade workers the activities they will be performing together with proper safety precautions and equipment to get the job done. Tools do not build buildings, people do but it is critical to arm our construction professionals with the latest that technology has to offer in order to increase efficiency, in the office as well as the field. At Morris our people have the technology to make project communications efficient, from project management and scheduling software to digital plan reading our document tracking schedule monitoring and plans transfer is clean.

Quality Control

Morris Construction’s commitment to excellence extends to the quality you will find on our projects. Our QA/QC program includes an approach that manages many facets of the project that include subcontractor qualification, material selection, proper installation, and progressive inspections. We set a standard within the culture of the company in which we pride ourselves in the projects that we build.

Post Construction

It’s always how you finish that matters. At Morris we ensure you’re in good hands after the job is complete as we did going through the process. From building systems training to final documents. We make sure you possess the knowledge necessary about your new facility so you can enjoy it for years to come. And of course we are always only a phone call away to help.

Budgeting, Estimation And Buyout

Morris involvement with the team through the initial design and entitlement phases allows control of the budget, phasing of permits, long lead material procurements all leading to a shorter more efficient construction phase.

Training Program

Our commitment to growth of our employees starts with an extensive training program. This program is tailored to  general business practices in our industry as well as topics that are focused on positional duties. Currently, we have developed an internal training program that is conducted monthly and includes topics that are relevant to our industry. This includes topics such as project management software, bluebleam, plangrid and internal processes. Our external training program includes continuing education courses at a local college, online safety training, as well as first aid and CPR courses to ensure that our employees have the tools to succeed.

Celebrate your victories is a motto at Morris. We are all about the relationships we create and keep. Every construction project has its challenges it’s the character you display while solving them that make you different. We believe strongly in the Team Approach to projects as well as Life.